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Monday, 22 December 2014
The Myanmar Times
The Myanmar Times

Yangon airport departure tax to rise from July

The departure tax at Yangon International Airport for Myanmar nationals will rise to FEC10 or US$10 from early July, a spokesperson from Yangon International Airport said last week.

The spokesperson said the airport’s management originally planned to increase the passenger service charge from April 1 but postponed it until July.

Under the plan, the departure tax will be included in the ticket price. The implementation was pushed back because airport management needed more time to negotiate with airlines, he said.

“The new airport passenger service charge will change only for Myanmar passengers and will increase from K3000 to FEC10 or $10. There will be no changes to the $10 departure tax for foreign passengers. We had planned to introduce the increase on April 1 but now it has been postponed for at least three months. We hope to start levying the higher charge from early July,” he said.

The spokesperson said the reason for the increase was to bring the departure tax into line with “international standards”.

“The plan is to standardise with international rates. If you look at other countries the airport departure tax is much higher than ours.”

In July, the Department of Civil Aviation increased the airport tax for Myanmar passengers from K500 to K3000 after Asia World took over management of the airport’s passenger services.

A ticketing agent based in Yangon said his company was notified by airport officials of the impending increase on March 28.

“We got a call from Airport authority on March 28 and let known us that the airport departure tax would go up from April 1. But the next day we heard the increase would be postponed and would now start from July,” he said.

“We were told that after the increase comes into effect the airlines will collect the departure tax at the same time as issuing tickets.”