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Friday, 19 December 2014
The Myanmar Times
The Myanmar Times

UK will provide aid to Kachin refugees

The United Kingdom will partner with non-governmental organisation Trocaire to provide more humanitarian aid to those displace by violence in Kachin State, a British government official announced on December 21.

“We must act now to relieve the immediate suffering and to ensure the conditions do not worsen to cause further loss of life as the winter draws in,” said Justine Greening, the UK’s secretary of state for international development, and the minister responsible for the Department for International Development (DFID) and the UK’s aid program.

“The UK is stepping up to help, but I call on all donors to do more for the people of Kachin, and on all parties to ensure access for humanitarian agencies,” she added.

According to the DFID’s official press release, the UK support delivered via Trocaire over the next five months will provide nearly 16,000 people with basic food rations; almost 22,000 people with US$7.55 cash grants each, for meat and vegetables or the equivalent in cooked meals and basic hygiene support; and about 1300 people with sufficient shelter.

The support also aims to provide 800 children with access to “safe areas”; psycho-social support to 5000; and more than 120 humanitarian staff from local Kachin organisations to be dispatched to provide humanitarian support at an international standard.

Trocaire has been working in the region with a local faith-based organisation, Karuna Myanmar Social Services (KMSS), to provide humanitarian assistance since the beginning of the conflict in June 2011, and with DFID funding since January 2012.

The DFID’s call for support comes amid reports of looming shortfalls in food supplies in Kachin Independence Army (KIA) controlled areas, according to the press release.

The current package of support is worth about $2.5 million, which takes the total DFID allocation to the Kachin conflict to about $5.6 million, the press release said.